Is Your Bridge Safe?

“Is Your Bridge Safe?”

.. It’s a big question, one which we may not want to face, or more worryingly, be concerned about. But really the bridge is the central hub of all vessels, the place where things can go well or go wrong, so we need to be concerned for the safety of not only the bridge crew, but also everything and everyone on the ship which is affected by them.

How can we make our bridge safer?

There are many different options available, none of them are definitive, and all are subjective to how we work and our own situation. You may, for instance, simply conduct an internal audit by sending staff or crew onboard and complete some simple safety checks. Or you may feel this will inherently include a bias towards a positive outcome.

There are plenty of 3rd Party companies who offer an onboard bridge audit where they will complete the visit and provide a list of recommendations which you are under no obligation to complete. However this will provide you with an external perspective, maybe noticing things you as a company may not.

A simpler and quicker solution may be to purchase externally produced SMS procedures, again this will likely include an initial ship visit, but then all the hard work is done for you. There is of course an increased cost involved, but to take this task away from already busy crew will undoubtedly reap the benefits in the long run.

Whatever you decide to do, there’s no question you must ensure the safety of your vessel and your crew.

Version 1.86 Inspectors Check Off Cards Now Available

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Top 48 internationally used questions for inspections and investigations

Plus key menu options of all leading manufacturers and screenshots of key screen layouts and features

ECDIS Systems included are:

  • JRC JAN-701/901B
  • JRC JAN-7201/9201
  • TRANSAS Navi-Sailor 4000
  • FURUNO FEA-2107, 2107-BB, 2807
  • FURUNO FMD 3200, 3200BB, 3300
  • SPERRY Vision Master FT
  • KELVIN HUGHES Manta Digital
  • KELVIN HUGHES New Manta Digital
  • MARIS 900
  • PC MARITIME Navmaster
  • OSI ECPINS 5000
  • RAYTHEON Anschutz Synapsis
  • SAM Chartpilot 1100
  • SAM NACOS Platinum

As well as this, we also include the following useful information:

  • Handover Check-off when taking over the Watch
  • GNSS Failure Check-off
  • ECDIS Failure Check-off
  • Recommended Display Settings
  • ECDIS Incident Investigation

Furuno FMD ECDIS Type Specific Reference Cards – Now Available

The latest on-board type-specific ECDIS reference cards for JRC JAN 7201 – 9201 are now available from eMaritime Shop. Click here for more information

JRC JAN 7201 – 9201 ECDIS Type Specific Reference Cards Now Available

The latest on-board type-specific ECDIS reference cards for JRC JAN 7201 – 9201 are now available from eMaritime Shop. Click here for more information

eMaritime Group Busy Conducting Onboard Bridge Team ECDIS Audits

The eMaritime Group (eMG) offer a range of services including onboard Bridge Team ECDIS audits. In recent months, their navigation auditors have been sent around the world, including Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Malta.

The aim of the audit is to provide the Captain, management company or operator an objective assessment of the state of the bridge team and associated administration and equipment. The intense one day procedure can be conducted worldwide; alongside or underway and includes the whole bridge team and highlights every aspect of navigation.

“I would highly recommend a navigation audit from ECDIS Ltd. Their specialists asked almost 100 questions to ensure our crews deep understanding of our ECDIS system.”

Haakon Losnegaard, Utkilen.

” ECDIS Ltd’s type specific training and assessment on board our company vessels was a brilliant exercise. They positively challenged our bridge crew’s knowledge of ECDIS by giving us practical demonstrations of our navigation equipment”

Dario Pasquini, Kline Shipping

Others have said:

 ” We were pleasantly surprised to find that as part of the audit service, we received a thorough healthcheck of our overall bridge procedures, documentation and company policy regarding ECDIS”

Due to eMG’s flexibility, they have been able to arrange audits at short notice anywhere in the world on any day of the week or even weekends.

“We appreciate ships need us to work around their schedule and accommodate them to allow the standard workflow. As such we are more than able to accommodate such demands. We don’t hold any punches with our audits, we have a lot of ground to cover in the single day and so crew tend to be quite overwhelmed by the end of the day. However our clients are always appreciative afterwards and have time to take in the information and always proves to be beneficial.”

Mark Broster, eMG Managing Director.

For more information please visit and select ” Maritime Audits & Consultancy “.